It is refreshing to ride with a clinician who not only talks the talk but is willing to walk the walk getting involved in real solutions to difficult problems and not just patching them for a pleasant clinic. ~ Yvette Bergstedt


"I became familiar with Sally Collins at horse shows throughout the Pacific Northwest. Her horses and students always caught my eye with their correct training, obviously detail oriented care and turnout and of course their winning results. Always positive, supportive and with a classical training background, I was thrilled to have Sally as my eyes on the ground and coach at numerous shows in 2014. Sally is a very knowledgeable horsewoman and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional mentor, clinician, judge or consultant."
~ Kelly Marriner-Smith / Creekside Show Stable

"Sally Collins is very respected in the Hunter/Jumper World and brings a high level of expertise as a clinician, teacher, and mentor. Sally goes the extra mile, taking the time to follow up and reconnect with riders. From beginners to advanced riders, Sally's sharp eye and knowledge allows her to create a successful team between horse and rider. As my mentor, she is very supportive of my teaching and has helped me put my facility on the map in Montana. I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with such a hardworking woman. I always look forward to the next time I get to work with Sally. I appreciate Sally's time and hard work towards making us better equestrians."
~ Malika B. Coston
Kootenai Creek Equestrian Center / Stevensville, Montana

"For me, a coach has always meant a supportive role model who has both the talent and expertise to help keep me moving forward with my riding. As a 28+ year veteran of the sport and a 9-year professional, nobody has exemplified this ideal to me more than Sally Collins. Her consistent ability to instruct with a system that incorporates both classical methods with the most current information in the sport makes her a top choice for any rider. Being an impeccable horseman herself, Sally always promotes ethical, quality horsemanship in her riders and encourages those qualities to remain a priority for all those she interacts with in the industry. She is truly a gift to the sport, and comes with my highest praise and recommendation for all aspiring riders of any level."
~ Joanna Jackowich, Owner
Harmony Ridge Equestrian Center / Issaquah, WA

"Sally Collins has been my mentor for the last fifteen years and in those years has helped bring my riders and program to an International level. Her systematic development of horses and riders has proven tried and true from the the grassroots beginners to the Grand Prix, and her expertise as a rated judge has given new perspective to teaching on all levels. We in Alaska feel priveliged to have the opportunity to work with a professional such as Sally through our annual clinics and schooling shows, and everyone always looks forward to learning new things each and every year. For fifteen years Sally has always made herself available to me for advice and has become a good friend as well as an amazing teacher."
~ Jaimie Thurman, Owner / Forever Young Farm